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Show up, plug in - 5 powerful reasons to join Custom House

Why Join Custom House

From the beginning, one idea drove us - we wanted Custom House Belfast to offer businesses spaces to thrive and grow, spaces that foster productivity, creativity, and success. We wanted to offer a better place to work from every single point of view.

We've put together five powerful reasons for entrepreneurs and professionals looking for a dynamic workspace to join us. 

1. Office Location and Accessibility

The accessibility and prime location of Custom House make it an ideal choice for Belfast businesses. Situated in the heart of the bustling city of Belfast, it provides convenient transportation links and proximity to key business hubs, fostering networking opportunities and enhancing visibility. 

2. Cutting-Edge Technology

Custom House offers a plug-and-play experience. Each one of our offices is fully furnished and equipped with cutting-edge technology and amenities where members can seamlessly set up and start working without any hassle.

3. Community Breeds Growth

Step into a collaborative environment at Custom House. By connecting with like-minded individuals and businesses from diverse industries, our members tap into a vibrant community that fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and potential partnerships.

4. Flexible Membership Options

Our flexible membership options allow individuals and teams to choose what suits them best, whether it's a hot desk, dedicated office, or meeting room. This adaptability accommodates various work styles and scales with the changing needs of businesses. 

5. Exceptional Support Services

Custom House provides exceptional support services, including receptionist support, mail handling, IT assistance, and a range of professional amenities, relieving members from administrative burdens and enabling them to focus on their core work.

Our Serviced Offices For Your Business

Those who have made Custom House their home, have discovered a thriving workspace that enhanced productivity and cultivated connectivity.

Choose your serviced office today!